Friday, January 4, 2008

Vista Bella Jacksonville Beach, FL Townhomes

Private rooftop terraces with views of the Atlantic Ocean--
Outdoor living area with built-in summer kitchen and optional private Jacuzzi --
Atrium foyers that extend three floors upward --
Three stories and a private rooftop terrace/ party deck --
Large two-car garage with 520 square feet --
Private gated entrances --
Pneumatic, cylindrical glass elevators --
Optional third floor layout with larger kitchen area --
Private pool for Vista Bella’s 12 residences --
Granite countertops and ceramic tile --
Two large balconies on the second and third floors with views of the Atlantic Ocean--
Gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances--
Located one-half block from the Atlantic Ocean--
Within walking distance to entertainment, dining and retail establishments--
Blocks from the SeaWalk Pavilion, an outdoor amphitheatre that hosts festivals, and concerts --
Minutes away from the award-winning Ponte Vedra Inn & Spa, PGA Tour headquarters, TPC golf courses and Sawgrass Marriott Resort Hotel and Spa

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jacksonville Real Estate in 08

I continue to be amazed at the drop in prices in the Jacksonville market! It's no wonder, with all of the negative press that we're exposed to every day! I think that the prices will bottom out the day the news outlets say they have bottomed out. Until then, there will be lots of "fence sitters" biding their time until they feel like the prices won't fall any more. It seems like there are lots of different predictions out there right now. I am hearing anything from mid 08 to early 09 before prices stabilize. Maybe if the Feds reduce the prime interest rate again soon, things will pick up. I am waiting to see how many new foreclosures there are in early 08. There are several million ARM's that are due to re-set in January...this should tell us a lot. Hopefully, there won't be too many more people walking away from their houses. It's just sickening to hear how much the monthly payments have gone up. It's no wonder they are in financial trouble.

Time will tell....

Until then, if you'd like to make an offer on any property in the Jax area, give me a call. Some buyers are motivated, and others aren't! Doesn't hurt to ask...

Happy New Year!!