Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jacksonville, FL PreForeclosed Homes

The Mortgage Bankers Association reported that nearly 3 million homeowners were behind on their mortgages at the end of last year. An additional 1-million-plus borrowers were at risk of imminent foreclosure. Wow! As if that's not bad enough, a lot of the borrowers are finding out that they're so upset down, they just mail in the keys! Don't leave your house without a fight! The lenders can't help you, they can't work with you, they can't do a thing except foreclose if you mail in your keys and walk away from your house. Do NOT use this crazy option if you're upside down. Lenders are working harder to help you keep your home. FHA has programs to help with the ARM loans out there right now. The lenders are working with home owners after recieving pressure from the Feds to help them. Hundreds of thousands of distressed homeowners are reaching out for help. The Homeownership Preservation Foundation, part of the Hope Now Alliance, fields more than 4,000 calls daily to its toll-free hotline (888-995-HOPE).

Before you give up and mail your keys to your lender and move out--call me. I'll be happy to tell you what your house value might be based on recent sells and overall market activity. Don't give up yet! I'll try to help.