Monday, November 3, 2008

Home Sales Up in Jacksonville-Foreclosure driven

Homes sales have been quite brisk the past 30 days! Unfortunately more than half of those sales have been preforeclosures and short sales. The market is clearly price driven. The investors have come back out and first time buyers are finding deals galore! It's a great time to be a buyer in Jacksonville! Unfortunately, those that aren't in a short sale situation, those trying to get a fair price for thier homes, these are not such good times. If the seller is trying to compete with these foreclosed homes, good luck! The price of the short sale homes are usually 20% or more below the other homes in the neighborhood, naturally pulling the value of the homes in the entire area down with it. This is a tough time to try and sell a house at full value!

If you're a buyer that's been sitting on the fence, it's time to JUMP! Interest rates are still low--inventories are HIGH--foreclosures are at an all time high! What in the world are you waiting for?? Let's go find your dream home. :)