Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jacksonville Open House Blues

Here I sit in a vacant house...waiting for prospects to stop by. I have iced down some bottled waters, I have a wonderful platter of cookies from the Publix bakery, Diet Cokes, Sprite and even the proverbial hard candy bowl!! Only one thing is missing: visitors! I will have to admit that it's about 99 degrees outside and the humidity is around 110%; but still! WHERE ARE THE "LOOKERS". I thought surely I'd at least have a nosy neighbor or always get a few of those. Nope. I guess it's even too hot for them!

This is a cream puff!If you know of anyone looking for a pool home in Arlington in the low 120's--please send them my way.

Wait! Here come some lookers!! Better close up the old lap top and get to work! I have a contract sitting on the counter top...just in case!

Open Houses just don't work anymore I guess. REALTORS have always said that, but sellers don't believe us. Oh well. Jus doin my job...right? Maybe those nay sayers are all wrong! I'll know soon...

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Jacksonville Real Estate Market Update

Florida: Like California, home sales are up, and so are foreclosures and defaults. For the eighth month in a row, existing home sales rose--18%--in April, with existing condo sales up too--21%, according to Florida Association of Realtors’ numbers. The state, along with California, Arizona, and Nevada, powers the nation’s foreclosure abyss--10.6% of the mortgages in Florida are “somewhere in the process of foreclosure,” according to the Mortgage Bankers’ newest Delinquency Survey. This info from Florida Assoc of Realtors site.

This just means that we're nearing "the bottom". These new and improved, lower prices will be around for a while and once the "distressed homes" are sold-- prices will begin to increase again.

Buy now while the prices are low and interest rates are low. With all of the bailouts and now the proposed National Healthcare System looming...inflation will hit us next. The days of very high interest rates aren't too far off. How else can we pay for all of the government spending?

Don't delay. Buy today.

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