Saturday, August 22, 2009

Short Sales in Jacksonville

The $8000 Tax Credit, as currently written, expires on November 30th. If you've been considering buying a short sale, you might be too late! They have consistently taken 90-120 to close and with that in mind, you need to write a contract TODAY! Of course, there are a few weird exceptions that have closed in 60 days, but for the most part, a 90 day minimum is the norm.

Please don't wait! There is a chance they may extend the credit and I hope they do! It's keeping the real estate market alive right now. BUT. There's just no guarantee that they will.

If you have a short sale in mind; if you like it, you'd better make an offer right away in order to beat the deadline.

Call me today for more information about buying a short sale and about how you might qualify for up to $35,000 of bond money!