Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jacksonville Jaguars to have one of a kind stadium 2014

Jacksonville will soon become the home of the largest video screen in the world! Our beloved Jacksonville Jaguars received approval from the city council to proceed with their amazing stadium enhancements.  For a mere 63 million dollars, the Jaguars will now have the most exciting fan experience in the entire NFL!

The North end zone of beautiful EverBank field will become a warm Sunday afternoon oasis. Complete with several swimming pools and the best bar and food service in Northeast Florida; our fans will be the coolest fans in the country! The pool(s) will keep those hot Jaguar fans as cool as cucumbers.

Now for the amazing details. Are you ready for some football?  You better be at the Stadium and not at home stretched out on the couch! The LED scoreboards in each end zone, each measuring 55 by 301 feet, make them the largest of their kind in the world. If that isn’t enough of a view for you, there will be two sideline boards, each measuring 3.6 by 579 feet.  If that isn’t enough, there will also be two displays in the Bud Light Party Deck and above the Terrace Suites in the South End Zone, each measuring 3.6 by 106 feet! And for good measure, there will be two displays over the tunnels, each measuring 6 by 22 feet and one display in the North End Zone measuring 10 by 400 feet.

The families in Jacksonville Florida not only have the Jaguars to watch during football season, there is also the Gator Bowl, the World Cup Qualifier MLS Soccer game, and of course, the amazing Monster Truck show to enjoy. With the completion of the stadium upgrades, even more events will be scheduled.

Our EverBank field is in the heart of Jacksonville Florida and now it’s going to be the home of the very best fan experience in the world.

Just another reason to make Jacksonville YOUR home. Hurry up and get here! We’ll save you a seat at the Stadium.