Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jacksonville Real Estate scene Mid April

Prices continue to drop in the Jacksonville market. The number of days on market also remains steady at around 129 days. There appears to be a trend of late in the % of the sales price vs the listing are averaging a 10% difference between the asking/listing price and the price the house actually sells for. If you have your house on the market for $399,000.00--you can expect to sell it for $39,900.00 less! Wow! This is-if you're lucky. This number continues to rise so I think it's possible that in some cases, you may have to take a 15% cut, or more, depending on your motivation to sell.

All of this info is strictly concerning the beaches market. And there are still exceptions--not many--but maybe a few.

This is still a buyers market! If you're considering buying a home, just give me a call and I'll go to work for you.

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