Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just the facts...

In this day of information overload, it's easy to feel like we know more than we really do. I often hear people say: "I know your seller bought the house in 2004 for ______ amount". Yes, this public information is easy to find. I always give the tax info with the amount a seller paid to my buyers when we look at property. This is merely a starting point and often doesn't tell the entrire story. Have you considered a possible, second mortgage, often even a third mortgage? Many homes have a HELOC in addition to second and third mortgages. I think buyers just assume that every seller is trying to make a "killing" with every sell. This is often NOT the case. Some sellers are walking away with ZERO but at least they didn't have to bring money to the table!! Facts. Make sure your REALTOR always gives you as much info as possible.

My cream puff at 12641 Ashglen Dr continues to be shown like crazy. I am going to reduce the price and take away the closing cost offer. We are going to start an ad campaign and I thought it was time to price it below the comparable properties that have closed in the last 45 days. Call if you'd like to look before the price change becomes advertised.

BUYERS MARKET!!! It's time to buy today.

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