Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How low will the prices go?

Depending on who you listen to, either we're just getting started with the correction, or it's now over! I prefer to be more realistic. After all, real estate truly is local. The trend in one part of the country, or in one part of the state may differ from ours. I continue to be amazed at the price changes in the Jacksonville Beaches market. The hardest hit area appears to be Atlantic Beach. For now, the houses on the market seem to be sitting there...forever. After numerous price drops, they continue to sit. After seeing the same houses on the market for months and months, the picture is quite clear. It ain't low enough yet!The number of lookers continues to increase. The problem isn't with the number of lookers, it's with the number of takers!We all continue to wonder: how low will they go???
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Is that the sound of falling prices??

You bet it is! It is like fingernails on a chalkboard! What in the world is going on at the beach? Prices continue to drop at an alarming rate. Is this the famous "correction" we have been hearing about? I check MLS every night at midnight to see what the numbers are and I've been blown away by the price changes I'm seeing. I mean, can you believe that a house could drop ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS overnight? Well, it's happening! Do you think that maybe the house was overpriced to begin with? Duh.
I'm a new REALTOR so I still care about all of these numbers. No, I wasn't around (unfortunately) during the days of "putting a sign in the yard and having a bidding war 30 minutes later! Wow! I wish. Nope, I'm building my career the old fashioned way.....hard work, tons of research, lots of classes and by knowing my market better than anyone else. I'll be checking the MLS nightly and will pass that info along to you. I think you'll find the numbers very interesting. If you want to get in on the action by buying a house right now-if you've been watching and waiting--it truly is a buyers market. I'd love to help you find a house. I'll make sure you get the best price.
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