Friday, January 25, 2008

Jacksonville Beach Real Estate remains stalled

Interest rates are lower than they've been in AGES! There are (literally) thousands of homes to choose from. So where in the world are all the buyers?? I think I just answered my own question: they're out there in the world somewhere! For that very reason I have now expanded my horizons and have placed my listings on International Web Sites including International! Overseas investors are converging on Florida looking for a "deal". The Euro goes much further now and I think it's sort of been a "dream" of many foreigners to own part of America. I know of two little pieces of America they can get for a great price! Please read the following ads and give me a call.

请买我的房子。我并且有一公寓房待售-- 新建筑特价。

Achetez s'il vous plaît ma maison. J'ai aussi un immeuble en copropriété pour la vente - la nouvelle construction le prix spécial.

나의 집을 사십시요. 나는 또한 판매 -- 신축
특가를 위해 콘도가 있는다.

Παρακαλώ αγοράστε το σπίτι μου. Έχω επίσης ένα condo για την
πώληση -- ειδική τιμή νέας κατασκευής.

Venga godere la vista bella dell'Oceano Atlantico

For now I say Arrivederci! Αντίο! Adiós! Au revoir!

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