Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jacksonville Open House Blues

Here I sit in a vacant house...waiting for prospects to stop by. I have iced down some bottled waters, I have a wonderful platter of cookies from the Publix bakery, Diet Cokes, Sprite and even the proverbial hard candy bowl!! Only one thing is missing: visitors! I will have to admit that it's about 99 degrees outside and the humidity is around 110%; but still! WHERE ARE THE "LOOKERS". I thought surely I'd at least have a nosy neighbor or always get a few of those. Nope. I guess it's even too hot for them!

This is a cream puff!If you know of anyone looking for a pool home in Arlington in the low 120's--please send them my way.

Wait! Here come some lookers!! Better close up the old lap top and get to work! I have a contract sitting on the counter top...just in case!

Open Houses just don't work anymore I guess. REALTORS have always said that, but sellers don't believe us. Oh well. Jus doin my job...right? Maybe those nay sayers are all wrong! I'll know soon...

First Time Buyers: call me for info on getting $35,000 in down payment assistance!

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