Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jacksonville Market Is On Fire!

Wow! Things have gone crazy in this market! The investors are fighting with the "normal buyers" and the "normal buyers" are coming out of the wood work! I guess it's the $8000 carrot that the Feds are dangling in front of the buyers noses! I am working with 4 different buyers. Let me say that again...I am working with FOUR buyers! These are preapproved, bonafide, ready to buy buyers! And just to add a little icing on the cake, they are the sweetest, nicest, funnest buyers I've ever worked with! Dare I say it? Oh what the heck: we are having fun! There are so many "bargains" out there right now it's amazing. The prices are HOT HOT HOT!

Someone call the fire department! The Jacksonville real estate market is on fi-ya!

Call me today and I'll find you a sweet deal too!