Saturday, September 12, 2009

Times Up For First Time Buyers

If they don't extend the November 30th deadline for first time buyers to get the tax credit---you're too late!!! Short sales are consistently taking 3-6 months to close so you've waited too long.

I predict they will extend the deadline, but you just can't count on that for one minute. If you're looking for a really good bargain in todays market, stick with foreclosed homes. They can close in 30 days or less. You can USUALLY get a response from the lender on your offer in 24-36 hours. Please note that there are multiple offers now on the nicer houses. I've heard that some homes have as many as 2 dozen offers!! In today's market, it's probably better to start out with your highest and best offer right from the "get-go". That way, if you really love the house, you'll know if you're in the game. With the number of offers being thrown on the table, you need to try to make yours the best!

Call or email me today for a list of foreclosures in the neighborhoods you like.