Thursday, February 17, 2011

Working With A REALTOR More Important Than Ever!

I read this today and thought it was definitely worth sharing.

Working with a Real Estate Professional is More Important Than Ever in Today’s Real Estate Mark 

RISMEDIA, February 17, 2011—In a landmark study examining the home buying and selling preferences of consumers in the Mid-Atlantic region, 95% reported that working with a real estate professional is just as important, if not more important, than it was just a few years ago. The survey results were released in a new research paper entitled Keepin’ it Real, by MRIS, the area’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and a leading developer of real estate information technology.
According to the report, which can be found on, today’s consumers recognize this is not the time to complete a real estate transaction on their own, and are placing a stronger emphasis on the agent’s professional skills. As such, trustworthiness was ranked as the most critical factor in choosing an agent, followed by experience, willingness to look out for a client’s interest, expertise in negotiating contracts, responsiveness, familiarity with contracts and knowledge of the local community. These requirements are evidence that consumers are seeking more than simple guidance, they are looking for an expert they can trust to execute a step-by-step process throughout the entire transaction.

“In today’s housing market especially, this is no time to go it alone,” noted John L. Heithaus, Chief Marketing Officer of MRIS. “With 95% of all buyers and sellers reporting that working with a professional real estate agent or broker is important, it is evident that consumers understand how vital they are to the process. A real estate professional has the industry knowledge, networking ability and expert guidance on home buying and selling to deliver top notch customer service and advice, and provide a successful experience for consumers.”

Additionally, the Keepin’ it Real report reveals that 68% of buyers and sellers rated their agent with a six or seven, on a 7-point satisfaction scale. This high level of consumer confidence reinforces the credibility of the real estate professionals in the Mid-Atlantic area. Nearly half of the consumers surveyed, or 48%, found their agent by way of referral. Moreover, 80% of consumers stated that they would recommend their agent to a friend or family member, especially those that purchased or sold a home in the past twelve months.

Whereas in years past, the agent was the first step in the home buying or selling process, today, Internet-savvy consumers can gather information and educate themselves, long before contacting an agent. The Internet empowers consumers to search for homes and neighborhood information, compare pricing and explore financing options on their own. Yet, despite all of the tools and resources available, when it comes time to actually buy or sell a home, there is nothing more valuable than the industry knowledge, expertise and guidance a real estate professional brings to the table.

The Keepin’ it Real research paper is confirmation that today, more than ever, a real estate professional is an invaluable resource in the home buying and selling process.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Distressed Home Market in Jacksonville Beach continues to thrive

There are currently 328 homes listed for sale in Jacksonville Beach.  Of those homes, 11 are foreclosures and 75 are short sales. If history repeats itself, of those 75 short sales, most if not all of them will become foreclosures. The lenders are just not motivated to help us clean this market up. I was told by a local real estate attorney that specializes in short sales that the lenders make a LOT more money if they sit on a short sale than if they accept an offer and take a hit on it!  They'd actually rather let it sit on the market a long time and then foreclose on it!  What a mess!!!

Call me today if you'd like to snatch up one of the deals in Jacksonville Beach.  I'll be happy to help.